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You need to change barely any of the lyrics to "Still Alive" to make them specifically about Van Ark from "Zombies, Run!". "New Canton" even scans at the right place.

Look at me still talking when there's science to do.
When I look out there it makes me glad I'm not you.
I've experiments to run there is research to be done
On the people who are still alive.

I realize the tune is a bit overused, but this is totally happening.

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The same people who make "Zombies, Run!" have a superhero-themed bodyweight workout app that finally came out on Android last week. I've downloaded it and done the first mission. So far: has some minor issues, but fun and definitely likely to make me do more situps.

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Two webcomics I've been enjoying, and inspired to post about after finding the second today:

Shades of Gray -- note that the current comic has some fairly major spoilers; link goes to the first page of the archives.

Coming-of-age and light adventure story set on a military training base. Ten is a young kilm (a desert-dwelling alien species) training to be a fighter pilot. The worldbuilding is extensive and well done; definitely read the about page. The art gets rapidly better after the first few dozen strips. In addition to the fun worldbuilding, Shades of Grey gets major bonus points for excellent queer characters and interesting treatment of disability, mental illness, and religion (or...something...I have no idea how to characterize the current plot arc).

Age of Clay (I didn't realize until just now that the two titles rhyme :-b )

Fantasy? Ish? It reminds me very strongly of Gunnerkrigg Court for some reason, but considerably wilder. Almost Dali-esque art, but...cute? It is pretty and difficult to describe and people should read it.

Folks driving to OVFF (or anyone else going from Columbus to Bostonish in the near future) -- is there any chance someone has room in their car for a spinning wheel to help a friend complete her volunteer-relay-run to get the thing across the country? SarahtheEntwife at gmail if you're interested.

So, "massive gallbladder infection and emergency surgery" is not what I wanted for my birthday. More details here:

I'm home from the hospital now and on all sorts of delightful pain meds. Apparently I was about five minutes away from an actual gangrene infection and the surgeon is baffled as to what the heck happened. My diet could probably be better if I were being really fastidious about it but isn't dramatically high in fat, and there's no history of gall bladder problems in my family. It looks like it was just one of those really random bad-luck things where a gallstone happened to form and then got stuck in the wrong place.

Knitting and Netflix for me...

I haven't updated this in ages, have I? Stuff I am doing now:

* orawnzva and I are hosting eredien while they figure out permanent housing in in Boston. Yay! It is an excellent roommate-situation all around, though I'm sure eredien would like to have a real bedroom instead of a futon eventually ;-)

* I have finally joined the 21st century and Bought a Smartphone. It's a Samsung Galaxy 4 and I'm reasonably happy with it so far, though South St. seems to be this weird little pocket of no Sprint coverage. Email me if you want my new phone number and I'll look up what it is again.

* With my shiny new smartphone I've been playing Zombies, Run! and very slowly actually running some of the time. Zombies! Running!Collapse )

* Yesterday I went to a tutor training to help a Waltham-area immigrant learn English through WATCH. It's the sort of thing I've been meaning to look into for ages, and WATCH is a really neat organization.

Ralph Lauren has an open position for a yarn librarian:

If I lived in NYC I'd totally apply for that. I assume they'll have plenty of candidates who have actually worked in that specific sort of corporate data/collection management, but for someone without experience in the specific field I'm very well-qualified and I bet I'd be good at it.

The corporate culture is probably kind of annoying, though.

Helpful tech-desk student at least showed me how to change my account from requiring a Microsoft account/password to just using a local password (which can be LACK OF PASSWORD THANK YOU). I will set a password when I actually take my computer out of the apartment. If someone is getting onto my computer without my permission while it's being used as a slightly-mobile desktop, I probably have bigger problems than computer security.

I forgot to bring my cable, so I must bring it back tomorrow to finish getting de-virused; it didn't have enough battery life. And I can back up the little data I actually have on here just in case. Which I suppose I could just do and then reset the computer on my own, but it would be annoying to get everything set up again if the tech desk can just get the virus off.

* Windows 8 does not support DVD playback. Because reasons. Apparently.
* I finally found a nice widely-recommended open-source free DVD player program, and along with the DVD player it installed an impressive quantity of malware on my computer. I suspect they've been hacked or something.
* One of the malware bits has convinced my computer that I do not have sufficient authority to uninstall it. Clever virus. My techy coworkers shall uninstall you tomorrow.
* While now I know how to do it and so this was only a one-time annoyance, it still offends my sense of good interface design that I had to look up the help files in order find out how to turn my computer off. I've found most Mac and Windows OSs quite intuitive; I don't think of myself as bad at computers. Just about every design thing ever (at least, assuming left-to-right script) tells you to not put anything on the right-hand side of the page. People do not look there. No, not even for the really important menus, oddly enough, and I would never think to look under "settings" to find the off button until I resorted to just clicking everywhere in the hopes it might be there.
* There is no way to make it so that you do not need a password to log on. If you forget your password, it helpfully tells you to go online to reset it. Yes computer, that would be lovely, except that you have password-locked me from accessing the internet because you are my computer.

Also, apps are still annoying after four months. Why would you take a perfectly sensible computer, not super-high-powered but still definitely a "real" computer and not just a little mobile device, and force it to act like it's a phone? This laptop can run many programs at once. Why must I only have one open, or figure out arcane mouse-drag techniques to carefully arrange no more than two of them across the screen? Why do I need a "sports" app or a "recipes" app? I HAVE AN INTERNET IT DOES THESE THINGS.

And this is Lenovo's fault, not Windows, but I despise the fact that it came with dozens of mostly-trial-only programs that don't even tell you what they are until you open them and often not even really then.

Linux has been suggested but I can't see myself being computer-savvy enough to actually use that effectively. I may be wrong.

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